Meet The Southern Gals

Kristi Ozanich, Tennessee

I grew up on a farm and I’ve always loved animals. I have devoted my adult life to my kids and family. Now that my children are adults I am honored to have the opportunity to return to doing something I love!
Several years back when my daughter was still a teenager we were looking for a small breed family pet that would not hinder my daughters many allergies. We researched and came across the Yorkie . We purchased our first one and fell in love. From there I started researching all about the breed and here I am breeding and raising these wonderful babies!


The one that started it all.

Melanie Coe, Florida

Wife, mother of two children, SCAD Survivor
Passionate about family, and YORKIES !

It’s been an ongoing love for Yorkshire Terriers in our family. My mother raised Yorkies for many years, time passed I developed my own personal passion for the Parti Yorkie.
I’m so very grateful for my partner on this journey, Kristi. We strive to produce healthy, beautiful babies with the best temperaments.