Dark Parti

5.5 Lbs.

Bella is our hardheaded loving spit fire with an inquisitive personality. She loves being held and cuddled too! She has a beautiful smooth dark coat.


Parti – Carries Chocolate & Blonde

5.5 Lbs.

Bindi has a short cobby body and that baby doll face! She is a total momma’s girl; follows me everywhere. She loves being held like a baby and is the sweetest most soulful girl. Bindi is a mother to several of our other Sweet Southern Yorkie adults; Clary, Cullen, Maggie Mae, and Kylo! As you can see her beauty and sweet gentle nature is being passed down to the next generations.


Dark Traditional – Carries Chocolate & Parti

5 Lbs.

Clary is a Bindi baby that I just could not resist keeping. She is just exquisite with a fabulous coat. Like her mother, she has the sweetest personality. She produces some phenomenal babies too!


Dark Parti – Carries Chocolate

6 Lbs.

Journey is one girl that has that forever playful personality. She is one fun loving sweet girl
that demands attention!



5.5 Lbs.

Layla is a beautiful and spunky girl!  Full spirited – can be quite talkative until you pick her up. Hold me!! We love her so much and we enjoy having her sweet personality around.


 Dark Bitter Chocolate Parti

6 Lbs.

Lizy is new to my line. She is such a happy girl. She has a gorgeous coat and a sweet lil face. Watch for babies soon ?

Luna Grace

Parti – Carries Chocolate

6 Lbs.

Luna is the ultimate mother. She is so attentive to her babies and will take on the mother role to any and all; babies and adults! She even checks on me all the time. She is so smart and is
our resident Houdini!

Maggie Mae

6.5 lbs

She is a beauty with a short coby body like her mother, SSY Bindi.
She loves cuddling and is outspoken. Maggie is a wonderful mother to her lils.
Mother to Macy and Lily Rae
We are excited to see more babies in the future.


Dark Bitter Chocolate – Carries Parti

5 Lbs.

Mara would cuddle with you all day! She is so easy going and she just wants to please. Look for
her first litter soon!

Our Future Mothers


5.5 lbs.

Macy is a lovey girl! Her favorite spot is cuddling with Mom. She is exceptionally smart and gentle with a great personality and baby doll features! She has an excellent smooth dark jacket.
Parti girl- carries chocolate. 


KB Dark Bitter Chocolate

Charting 5 Lbs.

Maren is Mara’s sister. They are so much alike that you would think they were twins. Another cuddly babydoll girl!


Chocolate Parti

Charting 5.5 Lbs.

Oakleigh is Luna’s baby girl. She has such a beautiful coat! Hope she follows in her mother’s
footsteps to be a great future SSY mom!!


 Paisley is so feisty, and always the life of the party! She is so smart and has a beautiful coat. 

Charting 5.5 lbs full grown

Parti – Carries Chocolate